The Power of the Question Mark

A question mark should always precede a period.

Rusty Rueff is the former EVP of HR for EA (Electronic Arts,) HR Executive at PepsiCo, and a board member and advisor for startups including Hirevue and Glassdoor.

In “The Power of the Question Mark,” Rusty will explore key points in the business world where employing a question mark can be a powerful tool. Often we enter new work environments or leadership roles trying to assert ourselves and establish a firm ownership over a new role. However, while we hear a period at the end of our sentences, those around us hear an exclamation point.

There are several key points where using a question mark at the end of every sentence can help both employees and leaders. Onboarding is a good example. When you come into a new organization it’s essential that you learn as much as possible while not coming off as an individual that is stuck in a rigid mindset and unwilling to adapt to a new organization.

When entering a new leadership role the same concept applies. When you are recently promoted or take on a position as a leader it is common to have your first inclination be to step in and take control. However, beginning by asking meaningful questions shows those you work with that you care about what they think.

The “Power of the Question Mark” can be applied to countless business scenarios, and is also particularly useful during times of strategic change. Questioning allows for broader knowledge and more informed decisions.

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