Get Ready for Change.

An era of constant change calls for continuous feedback.

Waggl was named recently as a top digital engagement tool you can deploy now for successful change management by the Harvard Business Review.

In the HBR article, digital engagement platforms are noted to be crucial to the success of organizations. They describe Waggl by saying: “ goes further, creating an ongoing conversation with employees about a change effort, allowing change managers to tie this dialogue to the progress of initiatives they are undertaking.”

Change Management is no longer something that may occur on an occasional basis in our current business climate. Instead, change has become constant, and organizations that don’t put in place agile digital engagement tools are finding it harder and harder to navigate change effectively. Why? Because there is a gap between the change efforts and the employee culture.

Waggl cares deeply about closing this gap. That’s why we’ve created a platform that connects the voices within the culture so that the most valuable insight within any group can be uncovered. Globally, progressive leaders are transforming their employee experience feedback processes to always-on listening for an always-on engagement strategy with great results.

In our newest Waggl white paper, “Thrival: The Path to Creating a High-Performing Resilient Organization,” we break down how creating a listening culture creates high-performance in any organization in every industry.

To become high-performing, organizations need to become resilient while experiencing rapid change. Incorporating the essential building blocks of inclusion and transparency is a powerful first step in the right direction. Learn more by downloading our free white paper.

We’ll be providing more insights on this important leadership issue in a free webinar on November 14th. Register today and get ready to create more resiliency in your organization as you embrace change around you.

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