Waggl and Denison D-12 Module Transforms Organizational Culture

The Waggl - Denison partnership brings together the power of benchmarked, data-driven engagement analysis and the agility and alignment of Waggl.

Waggl and Denison D-12 Module Transforms Organizational Culture

Change is inevitable. In life and in business, our willingness to be adaptable creates the foundation of growth. Today roughly 70% of employees report not feeling engaged, and that leads to $450 billion per year in lost productivity. These numbers may be interpreted as either an overwhelming challenge or an exciting opportunity. Most leaders today understand that they need to take steps towards better engaging their employees, but many aren’t sure where to start. 

While engaging employees individually might help foster some short-term loyalty, there is no substitute for a strong collective culture and its ability to inspire and retain top talent. During our recent webinar with Waggl founder Michael Papay and Dan Denison, Dan reflected, “There’s an important difference between individual engagement and the culture of the organization. It’s what you implement and the system you create to do this. We need to look beyond engagement to the system, to the character of the organization.”

At Waggl, we believe in your ability to be progressive as an organization and pro-active in creating the change that will lead to improvement.The Denison/Waggl partnership complements organizations as they improve engagement and begin to thrive. Waggl’s real-time pulse data platform and Denison’s systematic enterprise level analysis are paired in a simplified package called the Denison D-12 Module. 

The D-12 process begins with discovery as we gather insights about your organization. We plan a customized method of achieving an ideal culture, and then diagnose solutions from an array of unique data. Appreciative inquiry leads to honest conversations and kickstarts action planning based on results. After we help you implement the action plan, we move toward a sustained monitoring system designed to guarantee your company stays agile and transparent.

Within your organization, a two-way dialogue will be established that boosts engagement and offers actionable insights. Benchmarking will evolve to become a natural and ongoing process that shows your continued improvement. We will help you discover the wisdom in the system, and the insights that exist within your greatest untapped asset: the workforce. 

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