Use Employee Feedback to Unlock Success this New Year

As we leave 2016 behind, consider how the new year can bring more success in your organization by harnessing ideation inside your workforce.

A Huffington Post article estimated that losing an employee can cost anywhere from 16% of their salary for hourly employees, to 213% of the salary for a highly trained position. Organizations want to save valuable time and money by limiting unnecessary turnover and maximizing the existing workforce. But how?

The answer lies within. Every employee has received training and gained experience while at your organization. They can certainly offer practical advice as to how effective the process was. Did every aspect of the training enable the employee to reach their fullest potential within the company? Finding out what worked and what fell short allows the system to improve.

Real change and prosperity can best be harnessed by listening to the collective intelligence of your existing employees. 

By engaging people in a fast and fun employee feedback platform like Waggl, you can receive real-time answers to the most pressing concerns and realize real opportunities for growth in the new year.

Employees feel valued when they share their insights, which leads to higher job satisfaction, and a positive buzz about your company within the industry. Use employee feedback with Waggl to pinpoint the type of dialogue employees need to clarify their role and identify the support needed for incoming talent.

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