Stop Surveying. Start Waggling.

For decades, the gold standard of employee feedback has been the annual survey. In recent years, however, many innovative leaders have realized that the annual survey is not enough. The emerging platinum standard is the pulse.

There is a massive disconnect occurring in how businesses are utilizing employee feedback. Most businesses receive feedback from customers and monitor financial metrics literally every minute of every day, but providing and receiving feedback from employees happens annually, or even less frequently. 

With the rise of transparent services like Glassdoor, business leaders have found themselves struggling to discover what people actually think vs. what they nod about in meetings. Often times this information comes too late, after disgruntled employees have already left their jobs. This is why companies are starting to complement or replace annual surveys with shorter employee pulse surveys throughout the year.

Pulse surveys remedy the glacial pace of the annual survey but still allow the organization to control the frequency and direction of the questions. 

Pulse features hold many advantages including:

  • Tracking key metrics throughout the year
  • Understanding how employees feel about new technology, organizational directives, and other aspects of the workplace
  • Diagnosing the reason a project succeeded or failed
  • Moving the organization toward continuous learning
  • Improving engagement
  • Helping change management, strategic alignment, cultural development, and more

In the same way that the pulse your pulse serves as a measure of your personal health, a pulse survey is a measure of organizational health.  The beats sounding in the measure of your pulse gives valuable information to diagnose, treat, and predict outcomes. Your employees are like your organization’s heart. However, all too often, employees are the last ones consulted when the organization is looking for solutions - particularly when it is in the midst of growth and change; which is the landscape of business today.

We are currently operating in an era of disruption, marked by constant change, unpredictability, and doubt. A recent Cisco study representing 12 different industries concluded that today’s top 10 market share leaders in their category will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years.

This equal opportunity disruption will impact industries of all sizes and what sufficed as best business practices 10 years ago -- or even 5 years ago -- no longer applies. 

In times of rapid change, it’s more important than ever to include employees in the decision-making. In order to capture  and harness the insights of the people closest to the work, the annual check-in process needs to morph into a real-time model through continual pulse communications. Employees are the wisdom in the system and checking in with them through pulse technology is the surest way to sustain a competitive advantage.

Welcome to Waggl, the most human way for organizations to crowdsource feedback.  Waggl is going beyond the survey to use pulse technology to engage employees more frequently and draw out authentic and honest feedback.  We call this Pulse Plus -- and it’s a powerful competitive advantage that our clients are using to stay ahead of the curve in a wide range of industries.

“It would be nearly impossible to overstate how quickly Waggl has changed how we communicate here.” said Cathleen Schreiner Gates, Sales & Marketing at Ellie Mae. 

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