Do Percentage Points Truly Represent Voter Sentiment?

Voter sentiment is mentioned all over the place and percentage points rise and fall as we lead up to the US Presidential Election on Tues., Nov. 8. With all of these measurement tools at our disposal, we still have to wonder – do people actually feel heard or are elected officials just letting the numbers do the talking?

In the wake of this upcoming election, it is great to see one shining example of a government agency working to create a two-way dialogue with constituents. The City of San Diego is utilizing Waggl’s real-time listening platform, which has aided to dramatically increase efficiency with its employee base of 11,000. It used Waggl to communicate directly with small business owners and received valuable, genuine, and actionable feedback to help San Diego create a fertile environment for start-ups to thrive.

After strong success with the tool in 2015, the City of San Diego decided to expand its usage of Waggl in 2016 to boost city employee and civic engagement, alignment, and a consensus around plans of action. As a result, residents of San Diego can expect better service from a more engaged and productive government.

David Graham, Deputy COO, City of San Diego said:“Our goal is to cultivate new governmental processes that consider the voice of both our employees and residents in a more frequent and direct way. Now, ‘Waggl It’ is in our City lexicon.”

In the midst of all the cold options available like polls and surveys, the City of San Diego serves as a model for how to increase efficiency and productivity in the government sector while actually listening to human feedback to effect change. San Diego is very much adopting a ‘customer centric’ mode of governing akin to how businesses in the private sector manage customer satisfaction. The leaders of San Diego recognize that getting feedback from both employees and constituents leads to alignment and higher levels of engagement and performance.

At Waggl, we believe that leading by listening is the right way to increase productivity while also paving the path to unite people through purpose. The example being set by City of San Diego is a harbinger of things to come at state, national, and even national level.

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