5 Goose Behaviors That Could Help You Build a Stronger Team

Creating a great team has been the quest of many organizations, but nowhere is there a better example of alignment than a flock of flying geese.

Flying geese show us what a cohesive team looks like in action.  As each goose flaps its wings, it creates an uplift that helps the other geese sour higher.  By flying together as a cohesive team, they create 71% more flying range than flying alone. When the lead geese tire, they fall back in the formation so other geese can take over.  Following geese honk loudly to encourage the front geese to keep pushing.  They are a team.

We all know that organizations are more effective, productive, and successful when they have broad alignment across the organization but it is often more difficult to achieve than is seems.  So, how can we learn how to create a cohesive team from the wisdom of geese?  Let's look at how Waggl has used the wisdom of five team strengthening behaviors geese demonstrate that are essential to alignment and the cohesion of team:

Trust Each Other: The power of trust is only achieved only when team members are comfortable with being honest and say things that they genuinely mean.  This is why Waggl, an alternative to employee engagement surveys and project polls, sends quick pulses that crowdsource anonymous insight allowing people to communicate authentically. This, of course, increases trust and buy-in to leadership decisions. 

Engage & Invite Ideas: Inclusion of differing opinions on important issues and decisions will lead to the best possible answers and also increase trust and buy-in when strategies are created. Waggl allows all pulse responders to rank responses, making the best ideas rise to the top.  In real-time, all ideas are considered and ranked by the group regardless of a person's position and completely anonymously. 

Make Clear, Informed Decisions: Clarity around the decisions prevent misinterpretation and empower people in your company to take action. Waggl pulse participants and moderators have access to transparent results, giving leaders the tools to communicate action plans with strong team alignment and buy-in. 

Invite & Respond to Feedback: Like the flying geese, wisdom is in the system and Waggl allows you to leverage this wisdom by enabling the group to communicate crowdsourced, actionable insight.  This empowers managers and leaders with a powerful, trustworthy way to communicate. 

Focus on Achieving Collective Results: Short term and long term goals and measures of success are stronger when they are created by a team. This is why Waggl allows the group to move forward together by helping you create actionable insight formed by your team's participation and ideation. This creates strong engagement and alignment, which makes your team more productive as a whole!

Are you ready to have your organization flying in V-Formation and 71% farther, like the geese? Book a demo with Waggl today. 

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