The Power of Trust - Inspired by the Blue Angels

by Tony Mitchell

In our conversations with organizations of all sizes, we find ourselves constantly running up against one key issue with regard to workplace dynamics:  Trust.

Trust is an ephemeral concept that can be difficult to measure and define within an organization.  And yet, trust is such a fundamental element of every relationship, how can any organization be successful as a whole if trust does not exist between the people who comprise it?  And if trust is not already present, how can an organization develop it quickly, in order to accelerate its achievements?


To help us drill into the concept of how trust is developed, Waggl is honored to host George Dom, former Commanding Officer of the Blue Angels, (check out this video with a view from the cockpit) Top Gun Instructor, and business consultant to Fortune 500 corporations in a special webinar on October 14th.

Flying fighter jets in training and combat in the unforgiving environment of an aircraft carrier at sea -- as well as high-speed and very low altitude formation acrobatics -- was a unique thrill and privilege for George.  But his greatest lasting satisfaction has come from helping to build high-trust performance leaders and teams.  George believes that through daily, deliberate, intentional effort, a culture of high-trust and fully engaged wingmen can be developed at all levels.

For naval aviators, flying off aircraft carriers a thousand miles from land (often in the middle of the night) trust is essential not just success, but survival. There can be no compromise in that extreme laboratory of high performance. If you weren't trusted, you'd fail or be fired; if you can't trust others, you'll either fail or look for another line of work.

In this webinar, George will explain why trust is the cornerstone to be an effective leader, and why it's the glue that keeps the team firing on all cylinders. Within a culture of trust, there is an upward spiral of achievement based on creativity, determination, accountability, excellence, passion, camaraderie, humor, candor, and resilience. Allowing a culture of mistrust (due to fear, incompetence, and/or integrity gaps) will result in the opposite.

Join us on October 14th to hear more.  RSVP today - space is limited!