Is your Company Ready for the Future or Living in the Past? {Webinar]

Are you running ahead of the pack, operating at the current speed of business or struggling to keep up?

Recently, our esteemed colleague Sara Roberts launched her newest book, Nimble, Focused, and Feisty:  Organizational Cultures that Win in the New Era and How to Create Them. The premise of the book is that, in this new age of globalization, rapid technology shifts, and constant disruption, the 21st-century marketplace is more volatile and uncertain than ever. To thrive, businesses need a new kind of emphasis around culture.

For successful companies in this new era, culture is not about playing defense but about going on offense to deliver value and drive growth.  In her book, Sara uses the success of iconic companies like GE, Apple, and Google to demonstrate how culture is a strategic lever that can be utilized for driving growth, change, and innovation.  She points out  how flourishing companies—from established market leaders to the surprising upstarts—share three distinct attributes:
  • Nimble: They are much faster and more agile than ordinary organizations
  • Focused: They use their sense of purpose as a lens to understand and meet the needs of customers and markets
  • Feisty: They play big and act bold to capitalize on advantages and out-muscle the competition

In addition to her achievements as an author, Sara is a sought-after keynote speaker and executive advisor on culture and leadership who has worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and their CEOs to help them cultivate a stronger sense of purpose in their organizations.  

Join us on September 13th for a FREE webinar on the topic of Future-Proofing Your Organization Through Culture.  Check out Sara's latest blog on this topic. 

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