Living the Brand: Agility on the Road

Organizational agility is extremely important today, as one of the most crucial characteristics required for organizations to stay ahead of their competitors. Agility is also one of the fundamental tenets of the Waggl platform, which  was designed to help organizations of all sizes adapt quickly to changes in their industry.

At Waggl, we don’t just talk about agility with our customers, we live it. A shining example is the tiny house adventures of Kate Benediktsson, Head of Ignition and Waggl founding team member.

Kate and her family had long dreamed of a National Park road trip in a tiny house. This summer, she and her husband embarked on the maiden voyage. With wifi in the truck and a mobile workstation, Kate and the tiny house continue to work remotely from 9 different states this summer break. Her kids will get the summer of their dreams, exploring National Parks and many of America’s great cities and museums...all from the comfort of their home on wheels.

The tiny house, dubbed Wild Honey, is the very embodiment of agility. It is a complete house with room for a family, and yet it can travel anywhere that there are roads. It is off-grid, it is a comfortable home, and it is powered with a wifi hotspot for working ease. Anywhere Kate and her family decide to go, they can. They have everything they need in one tiny package, including a washer/dryer combo. It was built to last a lifetime by the craftsmen of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Kate and her family are leaders in the tiny house movement and were once featured on an HGTV show about tiny houses.

The Waggl team believes in agility as a requirement for the product, how we do business and how we navigate our personal lives. We are open to new paths, ideas, and adventures that may lead to amazing destinations and memories.

If you’re ready to take your team to great places this summer, we’d love to join you on the journey. In fact, Kate is re-routing the tiny house to attend the HR West conference in Seattle on July 15, along with Kim James, Waggl’s Head of Communications. If you plan to be in the area, please come by to say hello and check out a demo of Waggl!