Is the auto industry being driven to change by startups?

Ford Motor Co. and Toyota are fairly well known for making automobiles. You’ve heard of them, yes?  Of course. But both companies may become even more well known for what they’re about to do.
Is the auto industry being driven to change by startups?

As startups like Uber emerge on the scene with all the surrounding provocative disruption, the ‘old’ establishment is exploring ways to hitch their wagons to the new rockets.  

Recently announced in Reuters, The Detroit News, Chairman Bill Ford stated that Ford Motor Co. would be working with more companies as it expands beyond making and selling cars.  "You'll see a lot of partnerships, a lot more than you used to see in the auto industry," Ford said at a conference on entrepreneurship in Detroit. He did not elaborate, although Ford is already working on strategies for self-driving cars and connecting vehicles to the internet. Ford said Detroit needs to lead as startups change how people move. "This should be mobility central, not Silicon Valley," said Ford.

Toyota is making a strategic investment in Uber, as the ride-hailing industry continues to rev up. In this partnership, the two companies will offer leases to Uber drivers, who can then drive for … you got it!

Also, partnering up: Volkswagen has invested in an Israeli ride-hailing service; Apple recently invested $1Billion in Chinese Uber rival Didi Chuxing; and General Motors in January invested $500 million in Lyft, the second largest U.S. service. (Source The New York Times)

Partnerships can be fantastic vehicles helping drive positive outcomes, but they can pose new challenges in terms of communication – perhaps the most difficult aspect is just getting everyone aligned toward the same goals. Including people in a rapid, transparent, feedback cycle can make change less intimidating.

Organizations of all sizes are discovering Waggl to navigate change, gain strategic alignment and build trust, during critical times.  Working together to implement innovative resources and partnerships could give your organization the turbo boost it needs to thrive in this fast-paced marketplace.  Happy motoring.