Waggl and Denison Consulting partner to drive enterprise culture transformation

We’re pleased to announce that we are partnering with Denison Consulting. Combining Waggl's real-time listening platform with Denison's culture and leadership development methodology to enable CEOs and CHROs to access real-time feedback from the people who know the business best -- their employees.

Waggl and Denison Consulting partner to drive enterprise culture transformation

Groundbreaking solutions will help build stronger, 
more competitive organizations across a host of industries

This new integrated approach is purpose-built to improve performance and build stronger, more competitive organizations. In the next phase of partnership, Waggl and Denison will address the needs of specific industries such as health care, private equity, manufacturing, and technology.

Smart organizations understand that driving culture is a dynamic and continuous process. In addition to the periodic survey, you need to continually keep your finger on the pulse and gather quick and real-time feedback from your organization on a variety of issues as they arise. But without direction, this can lead to a lot of data with little long term impact or understanding around what to do differently.

Best of both worlds
The real value comes from harnessing the power of real-time and more frequent data within an action-oriented methodology that is grounded in what is going to matter most for your organization. By working in partnership with Denison, we will both be able to truly transform culture from the ground up.

For more info about Waggl and Denison’s combined solution for clients, please click here.  We will also be at the SIOP conference in Anaheim California on April 14, 2016, booth #414.