US Naval Institute enlists Waggl to gather input

The United States Naval Institute recently called upon Waggl to collect insight on the greatest warship of all time.  USNI News utilized our crowdsourcing platform to ask its readership of 26,000 military experts which warships were most influential in history, on or under the ocean.  The results?  

An overwhelming majority of the participants voted for the USS Constitution, due to its undefeated record after 30 battles,  more than 200 years after her launch. Second up was the USS Enterprise (CV-6), which earned 20 battle stars for her service in WWII and played a role in nearly every major achievement in the Pacific War.

We were delighted to see these two exemplary warships voted to the top of the list, but were also happy to see some of the less obvious suggestions that surfaced in the voting process.  

One example was South Korea’s “Turtle Boat,” which was built by Admiral Yi-Sun to repel the Japanese invasion in the 16th century.  

International news:  Korea’s Koogle TV news did a write-up on it, citing the Turtle Boats’ convex covered decks, which “were not only virtually impenetrable but also fast and maneuverable.”  Read more.

We love seeing new and innovative ways the Waggl platform is being used out in the field.  

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US Naval Institute enlists Waggl to gather input
A fleet of “Turtle Boats” in a never-before published illustration by Yong H. Kim.
Naval Institute Photo Archive