Negative Employee Feedback a Positive Sign?

Waggl’s research division“The Voice of the Workplace,” recently heard from nearly 500 business leaders, HR leaders and consultants about whether or not they agreed with these two key statements ...

Negative Employee Feedback a Positive Sign?

1) “Providing an open forum for employees to offer candid feedback is essential for organizational improvement.”

2) “Negative feedback from employees can be useful to help an organization improve.”  An overwhelming 96% responded positively to the first statement, and 97% to the second.  

The responses were fairly consistent across various sizes of organization, job titles, and geographic regions. 

We were surprised to see almost unanimous agreement that negative feedback from employees can be useful.  Over the years, we’ve seen many instances of companies that have either ignored or attempted to eradicate negative feedback, usually with less than optimal results.  But this data indicates that attitudes are shifting, with business and HR leaders alike becoming more open to candid feedback, and more receptive about how to work with it to make their organizations stronger.

Waggl also asked the open-ended question, “What is the most constructive way for organizations to handle negative feedback from employees?”  To see the top five answers that were crowdsourced with over 3,000 votes on Waggl, read more.