Time to replace, or at least supplement, the annual engagement survey

The old annual survey alone is too heavy and slow to provide valuable input that can lead to organizational improvements. Employees feel like they’re going through the motions every year and feeling a little less valued each time; they shared insights, then nothing really changes.

There may be instances where an annual survey might make sense; if you have historical data and processes locked in place -  it’s going to happen, period. Can a once a year outreach get it all done? Not according to the Leaders, like you, that we’re talking to every day.

Enter Waggl. A simple way to listen to employees, distill insights and improve your organization. Let Waggl help you discover and dive deeper into prioritized issues, in a fast, agile, transparent, and rewarding way.

With Waggl’s new Connected Culture Module you can check in with people quarterly to understand how things are going TODAY and including EVERYONE in the discussion of how to improve TOMORROW. 

We’ve curated the top-performing questions (pulses) to help you create a Connected Culture (quickly).  For more insight on the thought process behind the questions, download your copy of The Connected Culture: Uniting your Organization and People Through Purpose.  Click here.  

Sample Waggl Pulses include:

  1. How likely are you to recommend our company/product/service to our friend or colleague? [Net Promoter Scale]
  2. This company is a great place to work. [Agreement scale]
  3. I have regular and meaningful one on ones with my manager. [Agreement scale]
  4. I understand what my goals and priorities are. [Agreement scale]
  5. My career goals are advancing at this company. [Agreement scale]
  6. What is one thing we can do to improve? [Open-ended response]

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