Waggl Customer: Apollo Group

Alicia Mandel, Chief Learning Officer and VP, Learning and Organizational Development at the Apollo Group, is a great client of ours at Waggl. She posted on LinkedIn about measurement in employee engagement and she credits Waggl as the essential leadership tool she used to ‘listen’ to her team. "Employee Engagement: Stop measuring, Start Doing," Alicia urges leaders.

Here's how Alicia framed her discussion:

"Does it really matter if employees are engaged anyway, as long as they're doing their work? You tell me... Engaged employees are happier and more productive employees. They connect more strongly with their organization and are more loyal to the mission.

They are what drives a workforce forward, particularly amid change – because they do what is required AND MORE. 

So, if this is true, why then, after all this time, don’t business leaders (and HR for that matter) understand the correlation between business outcomes and employee engagement? Why haven’t most companies been able to get it right?"

Alicia, like many HR leaders, had tried several employee engagement approaches. She also contemplated a variety of reasons why most senior business leaders don’t embrace the concept of employee engagement being tied to the bottom line, before arriving at Waggl.

Alicia continues, "Waggl is a tool I have just recently launched at Apollo Education Group. It is a real-time pulsing platform that allows leaders to ask questions of large groups of employees and receive anonymous, real-time feedback quickly. It also gives employees the opportunity to voice their opinion and vote on answers that their peers have submitted to which they feel particularly aligned. 

It’s fast, it’s cool, it’s transparent and it creates a culture of listening. It’s very easy to use - only takes a minute to create and the best part is, the results are real time so you (and everyone else) can get them immediately – it even puts the results into a presentation format."

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