Transparency Levels and Thematic Analysis Now Available

Waggl now offers levels of transparency when pulsing. When we talk to business leaders from around the world, the common thread is the importance of transparency in creating a strong organizational culture. We’re also hearing that there are some situations where a more conservative approach is necessary.

Waggl now gives you options around how to handle transparency.  We’ve add a transparency setting for Waggl questions that let you turn real-time voting/transparency ON or OFF as needed.

Waggl gives you control. Suppose you share a question with voting and transparency OFF, to allow for an initial set of responses that you can review.  Once vetted, can you then turn the voting/transparency ON while the question is still live. Yes!!!  Let the voting begin!  Respondents will receive an automated notification inviting them to come back to see and vote on the best answers.

Theme analytics is now available to deliver more actionable insight
Waggl doesn’t just give you answers, it gives you the insight you need to drive change.  Whether you have transparency turned on or off, Waggl automatically identifies common themes as they emerge, helping you spot the topics your employees care about in seconds.

Up Next: Multi-question pulses
Waggl offers you flexibility to get on the pulse of your people.  A typical Waggl pulse consists of two questions - pairing one metric question with one open-ended question.  This powerful combination of quantitative and qualitative feedback is fast, focused, and actionable.  

We have heard that sometimes, you might want to unearth a handful of insights at one time. Asking a few related scale questions can be key to understanding subtleties and spotting outliers. COMING SOON! You will be able to use Waggl to pulse several questions at once; while keeping the experience light and engaging and maintaining that conversational tone organizations love about Waggl. Preserving our Wagglness!

Ready to Waggl?  Contact us to see these new capabilities in action and discuss how Waggl can help you create a quick win inside your organization today!