To Agree or Not to Agree... That is the Question

Pulsing your annual engagement and culture questions just got easier. We've added “Agreement” questions to evaluate how people feel about statements on a strongly disagree to strongly agree - five point scale. 
agree disagree Dashboard.gif

Just as with our eNPS questions, employees answer one rating and one open-ended question and can vote on the best text responses from the group.  You get a corresponding heat-map to help visualize where agreement is strongest and weakest and the ability to see responses that are organized by your employee tags (department, region, etc.)

Introducing a library of Engagement questions at your fingertips

With the addition of this new agreement question, we’ve expanded  our library of recommended questions to include common employee engagement questions used in annual surveys.  Use these questions to check on whether you’ve moved the needle in one of these areas since the last full blown engagement survey. 

first 1.png
Coming soon: Thematic Analysis will make your feedback even more actionable

We have a lot of exciting new functionality on the horizon starting with a powerful new feature (backed by client demand) which will allow you to spot themes across all the free text answers for a Waggl question.

This will allow companies to not only identify the top answers for a question but also the top themes running through all your employees answers. 

Let’s talk about ways you can leverage Waggl to connect and engage with your employees

Connect with us today to schedule a demonstration of these new capabilities and discuss how Waggl can support the real-time feedback needs inside your organization.