Waggl for the Enterprise is Here!

Over the past year thousands of organizations have been actively using Waggl to get real-time feedback from employees. During this time, we've learned quite a bit around the nuances of feedback and employee communications in companies large and small. We have translated this learning into Waggl for the Enterprise, designed to help organizations visualize their culture and engagement levels in real-time; across regions, business units, and other demographic categories.

Pulsing for feedback can happen in minutes
We've mined our charter accounts to identify best practice questions, which are organized into common themes of Employee Engagement, Culture, Planning, Meetings/Training, and Change Management.  You can share a single question or set up an annual campaign, all in a matter of minutes. Employees can engage through email or our embeddable widget (see 'Try Waggl' at top right) to maximize participation.

Use metric questions to measure engagement and identify how to improve
Enterprise organizations are using our 0-10 “Net Promoter” scale paired with an open ended question to measure engagement in the moment. This combination of quantitative and qualitative insight provides organizations with actionable recommendations directly from the workforce, rather than opinions from a handful of leaders or expensive external consultants.

Leverage employee tags to help you analyze and take action on the data
Large organizations not only need to know how their employees are feeling, but also how the different areas of the business compare to each other.  Waggl enterprise accounts can create demographic tags to better understand feedback from different departments, regions, and roles. Employees can select their tags prior to answering a question or tags can be uploaded in bulk from data you've already captured in other systems. Segmenting the workforce in this way provides powerful parsing of your employee engagement and sentiment data.

Visual heat maps to help you improve your organization and culture
We use your employee tags and metric response data to create real-time visual heat maps that allow you to quickly spot trends or areas needing organizational attention. You can identify a low performing department or region at a glance and start looking into what these employees are saying almost instantly.  We’re most excited about this view and combined with the other capabilities described above, completes the transformation of Waggl from a feedback tool to a powerful employee feedback platform. 

Find out how you can leverage Waggl to help connect and engage with your employees
We have a lot of exciting new features on the horizon starting with a new question type - agreement scale - the most common question seen on traditional employee engagement surveys. This will allow companies to pulse questions periodically throughout the year to understand where they are today, compared to the last annual survey.

Connect with us to schedule a demonstration of these new capabilities and discuss how Waggl can support the real-time feedback needs inside your organization.