You asked for it - New features to make asking questions even easier!

It’s a busy time of year - the holidays are almost upon us, budgeting and annual planning are in full swing, and 2014 seems to be waning faster now than earlier in the year. Can you feel the stress level rising?

Do yourself a favor and pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Give yourself permission to take a break; science says it’s good for you. While you’re treating yourself, spend just a few minutes learning about what’s new from Waggl and how we might be able to provide some relief.

As you may know, Waggl is the fastest way to get real-time feedback from your employees. It’s easy and simple, yet, so incredibly powerful at sourcing and prioritizing what your people think. Over the last few weeks, we’ve made it even faster and more powerful. Here’s what’s new.

You can now opt to send questions that are fully anonymous. That means your employees can give their feedback confidentially. This is an important feature that helps you unlock the true voice of your employees, allowing people to feel safe to express what they really think without a chance of reprimand or repercussion. Many customers have asked for this, we listened, and are beyond excited to announce it’s availability!

Question Templates
Waggl questions are powerful tools that give your employees permission to tell you what they think about important company matters. We see a lot of great questions asked through Waggl and realized some of the best ones would work well in many organizations. So we decided to share a few examples and make it that much faster to get feedback from your people. 

Waggl’s interface for creating questions is now organized around four common areas of focus - events, culture, change, and planning. Choose the area that is most relevant to you and see a sample question list that you can use wholesale or edit to fit your specific need.

What’s even more powerful are the customization options this opens up. Time and time again from customers we hear the following: “I just received the results from my annual employee engagement survey and I want to get feedback from employees on how we can improve.” Now you can use Waggl to do it. With question templates we can now tie pre-loaded questions specifically to the areas that need improvement in your organization. That means, in seconds, you can pulse out a request for feedback and start getting input from your employees. You create a two way dialogue and are set-up to take action faster than ever before.

Obviously, we are jazzed about our progress and hope you are too. But, if you want to get an unbiased third party opinion, check out what Headlines, a premier internal communications agency and outlet, said about us.

Spoiler alert...

We’re on the nerve of one of the fastest growing segments in the enterprise communications space - real-time employee feedback. We think the current methods for tapping into employees’ voices are outdated and slow. Think about the information flow cycle of something like an employee engagement survey - months. Even the lighter consumer-esque options like Get Feedback or SurveyMonkey take time to administer, digest, and report out the results. Focus groups are expensive and social enterprise tools are unfocused and hefty.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months as we ramp-up our development and design. You’ll see some additional sexiness start to creep into Waggl and we’re working on some functionality that will supercharge our reporting!

As always, we’d love to talk with you. Please feel free to leave your contact information and we’ll follow-up with you to schedule a demo so you can look under the hood.

Thank you for reading!