Waggl Reviewed by Headlines UK

As seen on Headlines October 2014
Ever wondered what your employees really think? Do you know what they think of your communication strategy, how they’d improve the working environment or whether they think the organisation’s structure actually works?

The real question is: have you actually asked your employees what they think?

Gathering feedback, opinions and answers can be a long and tedious process.

There are a number of ways to collate opinions of colleague from across a business – questionnaires, SurveyMonkey, a face-to-face chat or a focus – but Waggl feels a bit different.

Waggl – a mobile-optimised web application – allows you to ‘ask one open-ended question that gets rapid feedback and sparks engagement from a group’.

When I landed on the homepage, I was impressed. It was bright, clean, fun and informative. It’s easy to see why 3,000 people are already using Waggl.

“This has application in all corners and at all levels within an organisation,” said Adam Tanner, Co-Founder of Waggl.

“Initially we focused on supporting HR and communication leaders who are in many cases responsible for driving and maintaining employee engagement and a strong corporate culture.”

It’s intelligent, too. The name Waggl comes from the decision-making dance honey bees use to settle important issues, such as where to relocate the hive.

So it has the beauty and the brains but how does it function? Waggl is a Freemium model – on the free package I was able to ask an unlimited number of questions to a maximum of 25 people.

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