The Top Ten Questions You Should Ask Your Employees

Everyone knows the state of employee engagement is pretty dire. There are no less than 10 articles a day about how disengaged the workforce is and solutions on how to fix it. But, why should we care? 

Employee engagement has real business value that is measured year over year in dollars - top and bottom line - by companies like Gallup. The lost productivity from disengagement is astounding. Even more, are the number of solutions out there trying to address the problem. What’s interesting is that we haven’t moved the needle in over 10 years. The workforce was just as disengaged in 2000 as it is in 2014. We think it’s to try something different. Something more simple. Let’s not over over-think it. Employee engagement is as simple as asking employees for their feedback.

Check out our infographic with the top 10 questions you should ask employees that will increase their engagement.