Rise of the HR Apps - waggl featured in HRE Online

March 20, 2014 - Experts say the vast potential of HR-focused mobile apps may lie beyond benefits communication and recruiting, with many now designed to speed up organizational processes and reinforce desired behaviors. Waggl CEO Michael Papay offers our perspective ...

"We believe there's incredible knowledge inside organizations -- it's probably their most important asset," he says. "But it's really difficult to get at it."

With waggl, HR can create an open-ended question and "pulse" it out to anywhere from 15 to 1,000 or more employees, says Papay. Employees can answer anonymously and also vote on their favorite answers from other respondents.

One of the company's clients, Domino's Pizza, used waggle to solicit ideas from its 200 top-performing franchisees on how to improve "load time" -- that is, the time it takes getting pizzas from the oven and delivered to customers. Participants then voted on what they considered to be the best ideas.

"The fact that people are able to see how other people are responding in real time, rather than waiting around for corporate to do some analysis and synthesis, takes out the lag in the process," says Papay.

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