It’s time to Waggl

December 2, 2013
This week marks the official birth of Waggl - an ultra-light & fast crowdsourcing platform designed to help organizations discover new ideas and surface insights to drive stronger decisions.  To help celebrate, I thought it would be fun to share a few stories highlighting the evolution of this brand and concept.

Early in 2012, our team set out to create a breakthrough new learning technology product where mobile was first so anyone could access and use it on their own, and the experience would be lightning fast and engaging.  Beyond just the what/how, we also aspired to create a product and brand that stood for a few things we believe to be true -- the why:

  1. Employee knowledge is an organization's most valuable asset which remains largely untapped

  2. Ideas can have tremendous value independent of who suggests them

  3. Decisions are better and stronger when you engage the collective wisdom of a group

  4. Focus and simplicity are the only ways to achieve breakthrough velocity

So after almost two years of researching, developing, and honing, we are excited to introduce waggl!

Why the name?

We decided on waggl because it stands for the decision-making dance honeybees have used for millions of years. Bees decide important issues – like where is the best food source – using the waggle dance – a process that lets them debate various options to make stronger decisions. We feel this democratic and efficient approach offers a nice analogy and name convention for our tool.

A few months ago, when we were defining the brand identity, I literally stumbled upon a group of bees congregated on a wall doing a series of waggle dances and I felt this was a strong omen that we were on the right track with waggl!  Here's a quick video I took that day of the bees doing the “Sausalito waggle!”

Along with the name, we wanted to construct a logo that stood for our beliefs while also exhibiting our brand values of curiosity, empowerment, connection, and delight. Because connection is one of our most important values, it was vital the logo clearly demonstrated the individual’s connection with the organization. As you will see in the below video, the waggl logo is represented as the bee (individual) dancing within the hexagon (organization).

Finally, we wanted to create a simple and fun video that helped clearly describe the problem we were setting out to solve and how waggl offers a refreshingly new and simple approach. Please enjoy our 90 second waggl introduction video:

Since it is the time of the year when we express our appreciation, we’d like to thank all of the amazing and talented people who supported us in creating the waggl identity. First, a huge thanks to Dr. Roy Pollock of the 6Ds Company, in Swamp College, NY, for the original germ of the idea to connect this product concept to the Swarm Intelligence used by honeybees, which is amazingly described in Thomas Seeley’s book, the Honeybee Democracy.  A special thank you to Vain Media, our user experience partner in Los Angeles, CA who worked with us to shape the experience of this product and process. And to East Agile, a Ruby on Rails development shop based in Vietnam, who worked tirelessly alongside our engineering team to help build the product, we couldn’t have done this without you!

A big thank you to the following: Nikola Pecencic - a very talented designer from Serbia who worked with us to create our logo along with much of the supporting design.  Our strategic partner AfferoLab in Sao Paulo, Brazil for helping us shape the brand guide and refine the logo. Michael Tirrell, in Chicago, IL who worked with us to shape the voice and tone of waggl.  And finally to, Switch Video, from Toronto, Canada,  who had the patience to work with us to boil it all down into an amazing intro video.  As you can see, this truly has been a global effort across four continents to shape the identity of a product that dreams of making a global impact.

Finally, we are truly grateful for the early adopters of our product who partnered with us to create a simple technology that gives all their employees, customers, and students a voice.  These pioneering clients include - Dominos, ebay, Xerox, Summer Olympics, NYNY Hotel & Casino, IRS, Allergan, University of Delaware, Tatnall School, FRED Forum, Oracle, Yahoo, Executive Networks, ISPI, AfferoLab, US Cellular, ASTD, KLA Tencor, Pacific Pulmonary Services and Yellow Edge.  Here’s a link to a handful of case studies describing some of this exciting work.

We hope you enjoyed this story of waggl’s evolution to date, and most importantly, we hope you enjoy using this fun, new product. We look forward to hearing about all the buzz you’re creating inside your organization with your first waggl!


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